Thursday, July 19, 2018

Wave the Flag.

That’s always a good idea.  In this case we are referring to flagstone.  For the uninitiated, flagstone is known to be an easy material to work with due to the flat, thin nature that comes from the splitting layers of sedimentary stone.  The large, flat stones are used in a variety of landscaping projects. 

So, what’s your project?  Is it a patio, path, walkway, seating area, or maybe walls?  They are available in several different colors, shapes, and thicknesses.  The color palette for flagstone varies from red, pink, orange, brown, blue, gold and even white.  It probably should be at least one inch thick to stand up to heavy traffic.

These are all things that you may or may not know, but I guarantee you we do!  We are Laird Landscaping Katy’s and Houston’s premier landscaping company.  We are proud to have served this community through thick and thin for decades.  Please give us a call to discuss flagstone or any other landscaping idea at (281) 578-2795.

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