Thursday, April 24, 2014

Interested In Fencing In Houston?

Interested in fencing? No, not that kind, Zorro. We mean building a fence on your property. Maybe it’s to divide that nosey neighbor who pops up every time he hears you. He’s six feet and your wall is five. You’ll never have privacy! So, what do you do? You build the fence of your desire. Seven feet tall will block out most nosey neighbors (unless you live next door to a chatty NBA center who exceeds seven feet in height).

Sometimes you need a fence to separate an area. Maybe to keep the dogs in a designated area or to keep the kids out of the pool area. We can work with you to figure the exact dimensions that are the most conducive to serving the functionality and comfort you desire.

Whether is a single brick wall, an iron fence or a tall cedar wall to completely enclose your property, we can cover you. Literally.

Call us today for all of your fencing needs. If you’re looking to become a swordsman, give us a call anyway. We can probably build you an outdoor practice area with storage for your épée.