Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Houston's Must-See Museums and Attractions

Houston's must-see museums and attractions.
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"For a city not known as a tourist mecca, Houston has a surprisingly large number of attractions. From folk-art icons and soothing green spaces to megamuseums and macabre collections, the city and its suburbs offer many diversions for visitors. Click the link for some recommended sights."

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Congratulations to Laird Landscaping! Pulse of the City News Award of Excellence for Customer Satisfaction!!

 2016 Award Notice
Congratulations to you and your entire Laird Landscaping Inc team for earning top ratings and the Pulse of the City News Award of Excellence for Customer Satisfaction for another Consecutive Year!

NEW 2016 Rating: 5 Stars 

Laird Landscaping Inc, 

We are honored to present you with the 2016 Customer Satisfaction Award present by Pulse of the City News and the Stirling Center for Excellence. To earn this award multiple years in row is exceptional!  Only businesses that are truly dedicated to their customer’s rate highly enough to earn this recognition.  As a prior winner, you know, the award showcases companies who excel in customer satisfaction. Your dedication is commendable.

Visit the following link to view your 2016 rating:

People have greater faith in award-winning companies. You can make a big impact on your potential customers decision to choose Laird Landscaping Inc over the competition. When consumers see that you are a Pulse of the City News Award Winner for consecutive years, they won't wonder whether or not they'll get good service, they know that they will! 

It's easy to make your award-winning business more visible to your potential customers with our custom marketing packages.  In addition to award plaques, certificates, posters, and electronic images, we now offer annual packages designed to get you noticed.   

Don't let this recognition go unnoticed. As your awards coordinator, I look forward to working with you to helping you attract new customers by using the competitive edge that the Pulse Award brings.

Todd Corey 

Monday, April 18, 2016

Installing an Ornamental Metal Fence around your Houston Home.

Good fences make good neighbors.  Great fences make envious neighbors.  When you put some professional expertise into the design and installation of your backyard fence it becomes the accent of your outdoor living area.  Metal fences are available in many styles that often emulate the classic wrought iron design without much maintenance.

Some of the styles accommodate rails in holes punched into the post.  Many others are fixed with brackets providing a sturdier method of mounting.  The rails must be cut to length to insure that you have the same amount of material at both ends of the panel.  Unless you have a great deal of experience this is a job that you trust to a professional.

Why not hire the company that was voted the #1 landscaper in all of Katy.  That would be Houston’s expert fence installer Laird Landscaping.  The fence accentuates the overall landscaping so why not hire the same people who do the other decorative projects around your property.  Before summer, call Laird Landscaping for a design estimate at (281) 578-2795.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The Importance of Drainage in your Houston Yard.

Don’t surround yourself with puddles of water in your yard this spring.  Whenever it rains what does your yard look like?  It is not only annoying, but poor landscaping drainage can lead to REAL problems.  These problems may include damaged foundations, unhealthy lawns, as well as a muddy nasty-looking damaged lawn that looks more like a rice paddy than a yard.

If you need a drain installed, there are a number of options to draw away the excess water.  One is an area drain.  It is a simple drain that connects to an underground pipe.  To save your lawn from patio runoff, install a channel drain.  French drains may be the solution to protecting your raised planters.  Foundation drains direct water away from a foundation to eliminate the moisture from entering your basement.

Whatever type of drainage system you need the experts are just a phone call away.  For all of your landscaping needs contact Houston drainage specialist Laird Landscaping.  They were named best landscaper in Katy in a 2015 survey.  Give them a call today at (281) 578-2795 or visit them on the web at