Friday, April 12, 2013

The Benefits Of Installing A Sprinkler System In Houston

Maintaining a beautiful yard does not mean you have to spend hours working on it. Protect your landscaping investment by professionally installing a sprinkler system in your home.

One of the benefits of installing a sprinkler system is that it can be set on a timer so the time of day your landscaping is watered, as well as the duration, can all be programed. Forgetting to water your lawn, forgetting to turn the hose off, or not having the time to do it will now be a thing of the past.

Along with saving you time, today's sprinkler systems conserve water while saving money. The system will distribute the right amount of water in specified areas, avoiding runoff waste and over/under watering.

Installing a sprinkler system also supports your home's value and marketability. Your sprinkler system will maintain the curb appeal of your home by keeping your plants and lawn looking healthy and lush. Attractive landscaping paired with the ease of maintenance will all play into the emotion of someone shopping for a home.

Stop having to babysit your hose! Contact Houston area Laird Landscaping at 281-578-2795 for more information on your home's sprinkler system needs.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Landscaping Your Yard May Reduce Your Energy Cost

By landscaping your yard, not only are you creating a useful outdoor space while enhancing your home's appearance, landscaping can also assist in keeping your indoors comfortable while reducing your energy cost. Through the thoughtful selection and placement of vines, trees, and shrubs you will begin using less energy and start saving money on your utility bills.

Despite having a properly insulated home, a great amount of unwanted heat in the home can result from sunlight beaming through the windows. Additional heat can also be a byproduct of sunlight absorbed by the roof. There are many types of trees that effectively block the sun from your home. Furthermore, small trees and shrubs placed close to your home's foundation will provide shade as well as added insulation.

Your landscaping can also provide a cooler outdoor area for you and your family to enjoy. By providing shade, especially in paved areas, you'll prevent those surfaces from absorbing heat throughout the day and emitting it during the evening and night.

Landscaping can provide shade for your vehicle where there previously may have been none. People in the Midwest may have to preheat their cars, but those of us in the Southwest have to wait for our cars to cool down before we can even sit in our seats. Imagine being able to easily sit in your car during the summer and actually being able to grasp the steering wheel. Besides that, you will be preserving the life of your vehicle's interior by not exposing it to our hot Houston sun day in and out.

Help prevent your neighborhood from becoming an "urban heat island" by planting trees and other landscaping. To plan your energy efficient landscape, contact Houston area Laird Landscaping at 281.578.2795.