Monday, June 22, 2020

Pave the Way to a More Beautiful Property.

We all want our Houston area home or business to look more eye appealing.  This will not only enhance the beauty, but also add to the value of our property.  A paved stone walkway or patio will do just the trick!   Now, if this project is larger in nature it should probably begin with a soil engineer evaluating whether or not the soil is prone to abnormal expansion.

Here are just some of the steps that need to be taken –

1.  Prepare the site by removing impediments around it.
2.  Compact to at least 95% or higher if the surface is to accommodate vehicular traffic.
3.  Lay something called geotextile to prevent deep soil disturbance.
4.  Lay a four to six-inch layer of base material for pedestrian use.
5.  Eventually, install the pavers.

Between all of that and after it lies much more that a truly trained professional landscaper in the Houston area should be charged with.  Enter Laird Landscaping of Katy…voted the best in town!  They will design, manage, and install your paving project to give your property maximum eye appeal.  Call Laird Landscaping today at (281) 578-2795.

Monday, June 8, 2020

It’s Arbor Day.

No, that is in late April (you knew that, right?)  A well-placed arbor on your Houston area property can serve as an entryway to an outdoor spot; frame a focal point, like a flowering shrub or garden shed; and, of course, take your beloved climbers that have been nurtured over time to new heights.

It all happens with –

1.  The proper design for your yard
2.  The arches are constructed
3.  Then, the side frames are assembled
4.  The installation of purlins…horizontal beams along the length of the top
5.  Then assemble the arbor

For all of this, may we suggest hiring Katy’s best landscaper as named by the public…AGAIN!  That’s Laird Landscaping who has been designing and installing arbors in the Houston area for decades.  Add beauty and value to your property by calling the landscape design and installation experts at Laird Landscaping.  It all begins with a call to (281) 578-2795.