Monday, January 16, 2023

Why Do You Need Good Drainage?

Why is drainage important to your Houston area property? It may be something that you haven’t paid enough attention to yet. Laird Landscaping, a Katy institution for over 40 years, wants you to understand good drainage. Do you want to ensure against water damage to your home later? Then you should consider a good drainage system.

Sometimes, it is not just the elements of your Houston property that are appealing to the eye. Drainage is one of those elements. Hidden systems make your home more livable as well as safer. Best of all…they give you peace of mind! That should be reason enough to call Laird Landscaping of Houston.

Laird Landscaping has won multiple awards for being the best landscaper located in Katy. Make sure that all you wish to do on your property in 2023 includes advice from Laird Landscaping. To see their amazing work, just visit When you need the crew to come to your Houston area home just call (281) 578-2795.

Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Good Neighbors.

You’ve heard the expression ”good fences make good neighbors”. What you seldom hear is “good fences may increase the value of your Houston area home”. Let’s just express that for a moment. When the professionals at Laird Landscaping of Katy recommend and then install the right type of fence you will look at your home with even greater pride.

There are different materials and styles to choose from such as -

1. Wood fencing…easy to seal and stain.

2. Vinyl fencing…great for minimal maintenance.

3. Metal or chain link…they have their advantages too.

Let the fencing experts at Laird Landscaping of Katy help with that decision. Laird Landscaping has been installing fences in the Houston area for over 40 years. You KNOW you can trust their fencing pros to do it perfectly the first time! Just call Laird Landscaping to get the project started at (281) 578-2795. Don’t forget to visit