Sunday, March 31, 2013

Landscaping For Small Businesses

Small businesses are always looking to get an edge on the competition. So many business owners focus on the interior of their business, but don't give much thought to the building's exterior. Sure, a lawn crew may come by once a week with a leaf blower. Maybe they even pluck a few weeds and trim back a tree. But do they bring vibrancy and vitality to your business? Probably not. 

The best thing you can do is to sit down with a professional landscaper and map out a vision. What do you want your customers to see? Do you have a bed of gravel or do you have a luscious greenbelt wrapping around the building aligned with bode trees and a variety of colorful flowers? Simple elegance goes a long way. Map out something that can be maintained and enjoyed. Customers will literally stop and smell the roses... If you plant them.

Once we have begun work, get pictures of the progress as it ensues. Share them with your customers when you reopen. (Even if you don't have to close your doors during the renovation, a grand reopening is in order!) Be sure to write down the names of your new trees and plants, customers will be inquisitive once they see what you've done with the place. 

We will create a uniquely beautiful and functional environment for your business. We will give your property a fresh new look that will add to the value of your community. Contact Houston area Laird Landscaping at (281) 578-2795 for your landscaping needs. 

Friday, March 22, 2013

Tip Of The Month From Houston Area Laird Landscaping

Whether you're putting in a pool, lawn, or garden,
don't forget to fix the drainage first!
Laird Landscaping specializes in drainage systems.
Whatever the problem is, we can fix it!

Contact Houston area Laird Landscaping at 281-578-2795 or online at for more information.