Thursday, November 17, 2016

Lighting Your Back Yard.

You have done a great deal to make your home a castle.  You have kept it immaculate year round and you have elicited the expertise of a professional landscaper for the beautiful plants and trees within your property.  Now that the days are shorter and the nights are longer what are you doing about the perfect lighting for your Houston area property?

The right lighting accentuates all of that beautiful foliage.  We are so fortunate to have moderate winters in our area that we have the opportunity to show off the majesty of our property 12 months a year.  Your vision is what counts.  You may want a light glow or lighting that washes over your well maintained garden. 

Your lighting dreams may come true this winter and for years to come.  Call Houston area backyard lighting experts Laird Landscaping.  Trey Laird and his crew have been voted the best landscaper in Katy for ALL of their work, and proper lighting is no exception.  Call them today and share the ideas you have for your property at (281) 578-2795.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

A Landscaping Company that Does it All!

There are landscapers in the Houston area and then there are Landscapers.  Do you just want your lawn mown regularly or do you want your home and its surroundings to be your pride and joy as well as the envy of the neighborhood?  Choosing the right landscaper will make all the difference in the look and livability of your property.  Everything needs to be done right the first time!

How about contacting a full scale landscaping and architectural design firm?  Not only that, but a company who understands the intricacies of hardscaping as well.  The most important thing to avoid is a company that sub-leases a great deal of the work.  When that happens you have little or no recourse if the job is not done to your satisfaction.

How about trusting a 30+ year reputation of landscape service professions in the Houston area?  Laird Landscaping was voted the #1 landscaper in Katy and their portfolio is extremely impressive.  You have nothing to lose by calling and arranging for them to come out to your property to share your vision.  Give Trey and the guys a call at (281) 578-2795.