Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Wintertime…That’s THE Time.

Winter is a great time during the year to do most pruning of trees and shrubs in the greater Houston area.  We urge you to keep your trimming to modest reshaping.  Extreme pruning stimulates regrowth, and late winter would be a better time to encourage that.  This is especially true of White Oak because this is the time when oak wilt is limited in its spreading.

The best time to prune trees actually varies with the species of tree and the temperature patterns in our area.  Advantages of pruning trees at the right time are better disease resistance and increased healthy growth.  For blooming and fruiting trees pruning trees at the right time will increase blooms and fruit yields as well.

How about we get together and assess the trees and other greenery on your property?  We have served Katy’s and the Houston area’s landscaping needs for decades and are proud to continue to do so.  Do your trees need trimming before winter sets in?  Call us at Laird Landscaping of Katy Texas at (281) 578-2795.

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Landscaping Done by Professionals.

What does a professional landscaping team do to your property?  Landscaping can make the difference between a drab backyard and a little corner of paradise in Houston.  If you engage in random plantings in your spare time that could easily lead to a patchwork of styles that don't come together.

The key to a professional-looking landscape is careful planning, from choosing a focal point to researching which trees and flowers thrive specifically in the Katy and greater Houston area. The landscape architects at Laird Landscaping will share each step of the process with you so that you will fully appreciate what they are doing.

Laird Landscaping has been a family-owned business for decades and was, in recent years named the best landscape company in Katy.  Have your Houston area home’s landscaping designed by true professionals with years of experience and plenty of testimonials.  Call Laird Landscaping today at (281) 578-2795.

Dec 14th - Heights Christmas Lights

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December 14, 2019, The Woodland Heights Neighborhood will host “Lights in The Heights” TM where thousands and thousands of Houston residents will descend on The Woodland Heights for a night stroll with family and friends viewing the homes decorated in Christmas Lights!


Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Sprinklers, Irrigation, and Drainage.

A good irrigation system helps keep your Houston area landscape healthy without the hassle of sprinklers and hoses.  At the same time, it conserves water, and it can even save you important money in the long run!  What you need is an easy-to-operate irrigation system that uses the latest water-saving technology.

Do you have issues with drainage?   Have you ever wondered where all the rain goes that falls on your lawn, your beautiful flowerbeds and around your house?  Good drainage is the foundation to your landscape because if you don’t have proper drainage excess water can and will damage your home’s foundation, destroy your plants and turn a beautiful lawn into a muddy mess!

No matter how much your home is worth and how well you care for it, people will notice your landscaping every time.  In Katy and the greater Houston area we have taken proper care of your property’s watering needs for decades.  We are Laird Landscaping.  Please visit our website at and see the beauty.  Then call (281) 578-2795.

Monday, November 11, 2019

Client Review - We love our customers!

"The drainage work Laird Landscaping did for us was exemplary.  Trey listened to our needs and designed a drainage plan to upgrade our existing drainage system and made major enhancements to the over-all system.  The work Jose, Cirilo, Cardenas, and Ramiro completed was done in a professional and caring manner.

We learned a lot about our existing drainage system, including the fact that our system was so plugged up that it was never ever going to work properly.  Made us even more happy about making the upgrades and enhancements to our system.

The men also listened.  We have a strange water flow under the porte-cochere that can only be understood by being at the house in a rain.  We had talked to the men about it but it made more sense when they actually saw how the water flowed.  They came up with a new creative design around the flower beds to accommodate the funny water flow.  Their creativity is constantly commented on when people see the driveway.  We get the compliments on the look and we surprise people when we say the drainage company came up with the design.

We highly recommend this company."

Karen Moody
Houston, TX

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Expand your Horizons.

The subject here is expansion joints for your Houston area property.  An expansion joint is a material placed in the cracks between concrete slabs to protect the slabs from cracking when they contract and expand.  What happens is with time, the expansion joint can dry out and won't absorb the stress as well as it once did.

Here are some of the steps taken when replacing expansion joints –

1.  Clean away the dirt and debris completely.
2.  Dig out the old material with a putty knife.
3.  Clean out the joints between the slabs with a wet-dry vac.
4.  The final step occurs when a liberal layer of self-leveling urethane sealant is applied.

These are not all of the steps, but one thing is certain…if a professional landscaper does the job it will almost certainly look better and be guaranteed!  The answer to that problem is simply to contact Katy’s best landscaper.  That’s Laird Landscaping serving most of the greater Houston area.  Just give them a call at (281) 578-2795.

Salute those who’ve served at Veterans Day events around Greater Houston

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"Celebrate the hard work, service, and dedication of veterans and active military with parades, ceremonies, and events around Houston that honor members of the armed forces."


Monday, October 14, 2019

1000 Can be a “High” Number.

When is 1000 a high number?  It is when that number translates into the number of high-water rescues that have recently occurred in Harris County.  There have been thousands of weather-related calls for service during this recent flooding.  Every day presented new and dramatic challenges as the Houston area recovers.

Here are some landscape flooding solutions that will attempt to avoid disaster next time –

1.  Swales are any depression in a landscape that redirects water drainage.
2.  Install a rain garden.
3.  Use heavier mulch.
4.  Divert rain spouts.
5.  Add a drainage system around your home.

All of this and more can be done with the help of Laird Landscaping of Katy and the greater Houston area.  Next time you will be prepared!  Avoid flood damage to the greatest possible extent by planning ahead.  Call the professional landscape team at Laird Landscaping (voted Katy’s best) at (281) 578-2795.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

The 9th Annual Houston Halloween Fest

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"This year it will be taking place on Saturday, October 19, 2019, 5 pm to 10pm, on 19th Street in the Houston. The festival is open to the public with a $10 donation to enter. We will be featuring entertainment and activities for the entire family including live music on the Bud Light stage, food trucks, business & art vendors, beer tents supporting Pup Squad Animal Rescue, HZW special FX blood splatter zone, kids costume contest, photo ops and more."

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Your Property in Living Color.

Many gardeners strive for year-round color when planning and planting their landscaping beds. There are many choices of perennials and shrubs available nowadays for you to choose from.  Layering your perennials to allow for various blooming times in your garden is just one tip in creating a year-round landscape.

Here are some tips –

1.  Start by sketching out your beds on four pieces of graph paper.
2.  Draw in the plants on the papers with different colored pencils.
3.  Place plant markers in your garden so that you will know where everything goes.
4.  Plant spring bulbs in the fall.

Or…call the Houston area landscaping experts at Laird Landscaping!  Not surprisingly they were voted Katy’s best landscape company and would love to bring your dream of year-round color to your property in the Houston area.  Knowing how to implement your dreams are what they do.  Call Laird Landscaping today at (281) 578-2795.

Monday, September 30, 2019

Go Deutsch at Oktoberfest celebrations around Houston

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Celebrate the German way with beer, food, and festive attire during these Houston Oktoberfest celebrations throughout September and October 2019.


Tuesday, September 17, 2019

The Lushest Lawn in Houston.

That’s what we strive for as homeowners…isn’t it?  For optimal growth, it’s essential to get new sod on the ground before or after the summer heat so spring and fall are the optimal seasons for sodding your lawn.  One thing we would like to recommend is laying down sod for a beautiful green lawn 365 days a year.

Please note that most grasses experience a dormant period through the winter months and may go brown during that time.  If you want a lawn that remains emerald green during the upcoming cooler months may we suggest winter rye grass for a lush lawn all winter long.  It is also important to know how to care for the finished product.

We have the skills and the answers that you seek.  We are Laird Landscaping, proud to have been voted Katy’s best landscaper.  If you want to have sod on your Houston area property or small business, please give us a call.  We will make sure that the experience is a “green” one!  Call us at Laird Landscaping at (281) 578-2795.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

I Think I Shall Never See a Poem as Lovely as a Tree.

Joyce Kilmer wrote that over a century ago.  It is as true today as it ever was.  Trees add beauty, comfort, and value to your Houston area property.  The question is… which trees are, in fact, best suited for the extreme heat and dry conditions we often experience here in Texas?  That makes all the difference.

Let’s present a few –

1.  The Live Oak…the more common types are the escarpment and interior live oaks.
2.  The Cedar Elm…it is recognized for its smaller leaves and thicker cuticles.
3.  The Chinese Pistache…it has an abundant of advantages in The Lone Star State.
4.  The good ole’ Texas Ash…it has a relatively short life, typically lasting about 20 years.

Whatever you decide to beautify your Katy and Houston area home we hope that you will let us help with the proper placement and planting of your arboreal additions.  We are Laird Landscaping of Katy.  If you live in Houston or most of its suburbs give us a call to help you realize your landscape dreams at (281) 578-2795.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

“OMG Its All You Can Eat” Seafood Fest - Sept 2nd

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“OMG” It’s The All You Can Eat Seafood Feast (The Biggest Labor Day Seafood Feast in Texas) Live DJ | Monday September 2nd | 12pm - 8pm  

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Monday, August 12, 2019

How Many of you Have Been Around for a Half-Century?

Let’s go back to 1971…in a year and a half it will be 50 years ago!  What is a cellular phone?  What is a “personal” computer?  The internet…did you say intercom?  There was a man named Otis Laird who started serving the property beautifying needs of the Houston area.  Just as then, the benchmark was an understanding of all aspects of enhancing area homes.

Fast forward to 1982.  Laird Landscaping opened its doors.  Their primary focus was residential projects.  They established a main coverage area which includes, but is most assuredly not limited to West Houston, Katy, Memorial, River Oaks, Sugarland, Sealy, Columbus, and Cypress.  That’s a lot of travel!

Laird Landscaping grew over the next four decades.  One thing never changed…honesty, integrity and attention to detail.  Obviously, without those elements it is hard to get the referral-based business that keeps them going and growing.  Trey and his staff would love to help you become the pride of the neighborhood.  Call them at (281) 578-2795.

Friday, August 2, 2019

2nd Annual Teen Houston Back To School Health and Wellness Jamfest, Aug 17th

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"The Cam Agency presents The 2nd Teen Houston Back to School Health and Wellness Jamfest will be held Saturday, August 17, 2019. During the Back to School Health and Wellness Jamfest, students receive free backpacks, school supplies, free high blood pressure and glucose checking, free vision screening and more. Students will also engage a various workshop on bullying, cyber-bullying, etiquette, healthy eating tips and see live performances by some of Houston’s top artist and talent."