Monday, July 2, 2018

Turn Down the Heat.

Shading and evapotranspiration from trees can reduce surrounding air temperatures as much as 6° F.  Did you know that?  Better yet, did you have any idea what evapotranspiration is?  An explanation of this 7-syllable word would be the process by which a plant actively moves and releases water vapor.

Because cool air settles near the ground, air temperatures directly under trees can be as much as 25°F cooler than air temperatures above nearby blacktop.  Using shade effectively requires you to know the size, shape, and location of the moving shadow that your shading device casts.  Your landscaper can help you save energy and improve comfort!

That is where we come in.  We are Laird Landscaping of Houston.  We were voted Katy’s best landscaper and we believe that we are your best choice for designing energy-efficient landscaping on your Houston area property this summer.  It starts with a phone call to our family-owned business.  That number is (281) 578-2795.

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