Monday, March 14, 2022

You Could Read a How To…or have it done Right the First Time.

First, a bit of a tutorial. An expansion joint is a material placed in the cracks (AKA joints). It goes between concrete slabs to protect those slabs from cracking when they contract and expand as the temperature changes. In the Houston area that temperature change can be dramatic as we all know!

Here are a few steps that Laird Landscaping in Katy will follow –

1. All of the dirt and debris needs to be removed from the area.

2. Use a putty knife to remove old material.

3. Apply something they found to be perfect for the area.

4. Insert a rod called a “foam backer”.

There are many other steps, of course. When you are ready to tackle a job such as expansion joint replacement…stop! Think of how beautiful it will look when done by the pros at Laird Landscaping who serve the greater Houston area. Just call them first at (281) 578-2795. For their full array of services please visit

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Starting from Scratch.

Perhaps you have moved during the winter, or you are having a new home built in the Houston area. It may be time to consider landscaping. It all begins with a fabulous design and ends with eye-popping envy in your new neighborhood. Let Laird Landscaping in Katy be responsible for all of that.

Here is what we mean by all of this. When one speaks of landscape architecture it involves the planning, design, and management, of the building and respect for the natural environment. There is a lot to unpack there, but that is what we are referring to when we say landscape or architectural design of your property.

When it is time to consider true landscape design from start to finish, think first of Houston area landscape design firm Laird Landscaping, voted Katy’s best more than once. To get started, take a look at When you catch your breath after looking at the photos, call this phone number (281) 578-2795 and start becoming the envy of the neighborhood.