Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Landscaping Is a Year Round Business

Many people think Landscaping is a seasonal business. Regionally speaking, they're right. However, our region,Houston, is in The Gulf Of Mexico which means Landscaping is a year round business.
This is good for you the consumer. Many folks will wait until spring or summer to make landscaping and hardscaping investments; thinking that such services are unavailable to them in the fall and winter months-untrue.We can provide any one of our services year round.

Face it, there's no snow to plow, no blizzards to stop us, no avalanche warnings in the Houston area.. A bit of ice here and there but that won't stop us from putting in a fence , a putting green, a retaining wall, sod, the list goes on... All year long.

Call us today. Call us tomorrow. Call anytime. We're ready. Like Vivaldi, we cover the four seasons.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

What Are The Top Ten Landscaping Companies In The Houston Area?

Named one of the top ten landscaping companies in Houston, Laird Landscaping is not only able to create the exact look and feel you want for your yard, but we will provide a sophisticated drainage system that will ensure preservation of your landscape during the harsh rains Houston receives each year. Flooding can cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage. That is why we provide complete and full landscaping services that suit all of your needs.

We will sit down with you and create the yard you've always dreamed of. But what good is that yard without proper drainage? Without proper drainage, water can collect and cause damage to your yard and your home destroying plant life, ruining hardscaping, creating mold and not to mention standing water is a haven for insects and bacteria.

Our architectural expertise make us experts in not just landscaping, but properly maintaining, building, watering and drainage. Some Landscaping companies will give you the yard you want but won't provide proper drainage. An autonomous company who covers ALL of your Landscaping is the most logical solution.

Our attention to detail and creating a unique and ideal environment for each of our clients is what sets us apart from our competition. Whether it be a manicured front yard, a free flowing tropical paradise in your backyard, or even a new fence, we are the company for you. No job is too small or big. Please contact us to set up a consultation today.