Friday, July 14, 2023

Brick is Solid.

You bet it is, and it is a solid addition to your landscaping in the Houston area. The difference between having bricks laid properly and no bricks at all is stark! Laird Landscaping, voted Katy’s best landscaper on more than one occasion, is the right company for this very specific job. Ask them about it.

Here are some of the intricacies involved in proper brick laying -

1.  The paver base must be spread evenly.

2.  Edging has to define the perimeter of the base.

3.  Level the sand.

4.  Lay the brick.

Oh, we forgot one thing, when all is said and done…good luck if you feel it is a DIY job! Laird Landscaping has been adding brick to Houston area landscaping for decades. That’s right, decades. It is one of Laird Landscaping’s incredible talents. To see more of them, visit  (281) 578-2795.

Monday, July 3, 2023

The Many Talents of Laird Landscaping.

When your family is engaged in one particular business for more than four decades, you must be doing something right. Laird Landscaping is just such a company. After 40+ years in the landscaping business, Laird Landscaping of Katy has developed a customer base that continues to grow over time.

Take drainage for example. A proper drainage system is essential in the Houston area. Over time, Laird Landscaping has developed a drainage system program for your property that is unique to their company. Let the Laird pros discuss that with you. When you hire Laird, you are hiring one of the best landscape design firms in one of America’s largest cities.

If you live in and around Sealy, West Houston, Sugarland, Cypress, Memorial, River Oaks, or their hometown - Katy…Laird Landscaping should be your first choice! When you need top-flight landscape design, call on the four decades of experience from Laird Landscaping. Just dial this number (281) 578-2795. Take a minute to browse