Friday, May 1, 2020

Who Makes the Grand Plan?

If you're curious about the typical job duties of a landscape designer you might be interested to know that these professionals typically enter bachelor's degree programs to learn the business and design skills needed to see a project through, from the initial drafting of a plan to budgeting and installation…and/or learn at the feet of their amazing landscaper/father.

A very brief description of a landscape designer (often known as a landscape architect) is someone who would create attractive, functional outdoor spaces for homeowners, businesses, schools and other organizations.  That sounds about right…oh, and don’t forget the added value to the property they help design!

Just such a firm is Laird Landscaping which, once again was voted the best landscape design company in Katy, TX.  The hard-working professionals at Laird Landscaping have served the Houston area with pride for decades.  How about you and your family?  Call Laird Landscaping (a real pro in landscape design) at (281) 578-2795.

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