Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Expand your Horizons.

The subject here is expansion joints for your Houston area property.  An expansion joint is a material placed in the cracks between concrete slabs to protect the slabs from cracking when they contract and expand.  What happens is with time, the expansion joint can dry out and won't absorb the stress as well as it once did.

Here are some of the steps taken when replacing expansion joints –

1.  Clean away the dirt and debris completely.
2.  Dig out the old material with a putty knife.
3.  Clean out the joints between the slabs with a wet-dry vac.
4.  The final step occurs when a liberal layer of self-leveling urethane sealant is applied.

These are not all of the steps, but one thing is certain…if a professional landscaper does the job it will almost certainly look better and be guaranteed!  The answer to that problem is simply to contact Katy’s best landscaper.  That’s Laird Landscaping serving most of the greater Houston area.  Just give them a call at (281) 578-2795.

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