Monday, April 1, 2019

Choosing the Right Grass.

In some states that expression has taken on new meaning in the last few years.  When it pertains to the Houston, Texas area it is all about your lawn.  What is the right grass for your property?  As a general rule of thumb Northern climates grow cool seasonal grasses while Southern climates like ours grow warm season varieties.

Let’s meet some –

1.  St. Augustine grass.  It forms a thick carpet-like sod.
2.  Bermuda.  It’s especially good for resisting weeds.
3.  Zoysia.  It stands up to heat, drought, and heavy foot traffic.

There are many choices.  Let us help you with them.  We are Laird Landscaping serving Katy’s and the Houston area’s grass planting needs for decades.  It is part of the many landscaping services that we provide in our area.  Just visit our website at for our many, many, services.  Then give us a call at Laird Landscaping (281) 278-2795.

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