Monday, January 14, 2019

There are Landscapers and then There are Landscapers.

It is sort of like being a doctor.  Is your doctor a general practitioner or a skilled surgeon?  Don’t get us wrong, the Houston area needs both.  Just as you would not hire a family doctor to do intricate brain surgery, you would not employ a skilled lawn manicurist to design your property’s landscaping.

To be able to legally refer to yourself as a landscape architect you must have a bachelor's or even a master's degree in landscape architecture from a university and be licensed by the state in order to design and work on landscape projects.  It also helps if you have learned from the very best landscape architect…my dad!

When it is time (and, hopefully 2019 is the year) to design your Katy area home’s landscaping please think of me and my team.  I am Trey (Trey because I am the third Otis in the family) Laird.  We care about your property almost as much as you do, and we want to turn your home into a showcase this year.  Just give me a call at (281) 578-2795. 

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