Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Let There Be Light.

As summer turns to fall and winter outdoor lighting around your castle becomes more and more important.  Here at Laird Landscaping we can handle all aspects of our customers’ residential outdoor lighting needs.  Our experienced craftsmen will adjust your landscape lighting and keep plants and trees away for maximum impact and effectiveness.

There are some beautiful outdoor lighting treatments such as –

1.  Outdoor lamps to increase security
2.  Illumination that highlights the architecture of your Houston area home
3.  LED bulbs that last for many years and use very little electricity
4.  Motion activated lighting giving you great security and comfort
5.  Energy efficient lighting

We think of ourselves as Katy’s and the Houston area’s outdoor lighting experts.  Why not give us a call to assess your hopes and dreams for lighting your property for many years to come?  We have served the Katy area for decades and were voted the city’s best landscaper.  Call us at Laird Landscaping today.  That’s (281) 578-2795.  

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