Friday, February 16, 2018

The Reality of Flooding in Houston.

Let’s face it, Harvey reminds us that Houston is built on what amounts to a massive flood plain, pitted against the cantankerous Gulf of Mexico and routinely hammered by the biggest rainstorms in the nation.  The nation’s fourth largest city is vulnerable to more devastating flooding in the future.

Harvey may have been unprecedented in and of itself, but we will be deceiving ourselves if we turn a blind-eye to future flooding.  Here are some landscaping flood-prevention steps –

1.  Swales redirect water damage.
2.  Use heavier mulch.
3.  Divert rain spouts.
4.  Add drainage to the sides of your house.

There are others.  To learn more about preventing future flooding on your Houston area property contact Laird Landscaping.  We are Katy’s flood control landscape professionals.  Laird Landscaping has been dealing with Houston area landscaping issues for decades.  Please give us a call to get an assessment of your property’s flood control at (281) 578-2795.

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