Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Starting from Scratch.

Thanks to Harvey many residents of Katy, Houston, and the surrounding area must start from the beginning when it comes to landscaping.  Take a deep breath.  You WILL bounce back!  Hiring the right landscaper who feels your mission is essential.  You may need to retain the services of someone who will do this project in phases.

By tackling your landscaping project in phases, you can space out the expense.  It is important to find a landscaper who has flexibility…especially now.  What if you want a landscaper who does all of creative design for you, then you proceed with the job on your own knowing that they are always there for you?

All of these elements come from Katy landscaped design professionals Laird Landscaping.  They were voted Katy’s best landscaper for a reason.  That reason is flexibility.  They have learned over decades to cater to the customer’s wishes.  After Harvey, you need a friend in the landscaping business.  That friend is Laird Landscaping at (281) 578-2795.

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