Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Ahhh…Cooler air is on its way.

Fall is right around the corner.  And with the change in your personal schedule comes a change on your property.  Simply put, Autumn is the best time to plant trees in the Houston area.  It is almost like clockwork.  When Labor Day comes you should take serious note of your property and the trees that ARE on it as well as the ones you WANT on it.

Why plant trees in the fall around Houston and Katy?  Well, it has been proven that newly planted trees thrive in the cooler weather.  They will spend the winter integrating into the landscape so that they are strong and healthy when the summer of 2018 comes to Houston with all of its searing heat.

Selecting the proper trees, planting, and caring for them should be done with the help of a professional.  For decades we have trusted Laird Landscaping.  The Laird family has cared for your tree planting needs throughout the Houston area and will do so for many decades to come.  Call Laird Landscaping and discuss your desires at (281) 578-2795.  

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