Monday, April 18, 2016

Installing an Ornamental Metal Fence around your Houston Home.

Good fences make good neighbors.  Great fences make envious neighbors.  When you put some professional expertise into the design and installation of your backyard fence it becomes the accent of your outdoor living area.  Metal fences are available in many styles that often emulate the classic wrought iron design without much maintenance.

Some of the styles accommodate rails in holes punched into the post.  Many others are fixed with brackets providing a sturdier method of mounting.  The rails must be cut to length to insure that you have the same amount of material at both ends of the panel.  Unless you have a great deal of experience this is a job that you trust to a professional.

Why not hire the company that was voted the #1 landscaper in all of Katy.  That would be Houston’s expert fence installer Laird Landscaping.  The fence accentuates the overall landscaping so why not hire the same people who do the other decorative projects around your property.  Before summer, call Laird Landscaping for a design estimate at (281) 578-2795.

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