Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Few Landscaping Tips for Houston in February.

Landscaping Tip #1: Apply Pre-Emergents and Fertilizers
The best way to control weeds is to control them before you see them. Weeds actually begin germinating in February in the Houston area, and if left unattended they will invade a landscape quickly. Apply a pre-emergent now, and then follow with a post-emergent application closer to spring to keep dandelions and other weeds at bay.  Also, applying a slow-release fertilizer will give your landscape the right amount of nutrients at the right time. Typically, about 50 percent of the active nutrients and nitrogen are released at the time of application. Depending on the formulation, the balance will be released over the next two to three months when nitrogen is more in need to promote top growth.

Landscaping Tip #2: Treat for Grub Worms and Cutworms
If critters like armadillos and possums are digging up the landscape, that’s a sign that grub worms and cutworms have infested the lawn. If not treated, the lawn may resemble a war zone. Apply a granular insecticide or larvicide to keep worms from hatching and reproducing.

Landscaping Tip #3: Prune Trees to Encourage New Growth
Spring is the optimal time of year for new plantings, but in some warmer climates such as Houston new landscape material can be applied as weather permits. Generally, the time is good for planting trees, dormant grasses, and shrubs.
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