Monday, September 15, 2014

Which Vegetables Should Be Planted In The Fall?

Considering planting a vegetable garden? Here are a list of vegetables that should be planted in the fall, according to the Houston Chronicle:

Lettuces: Nancy Bibb, Bixby (Osborne Seeds), Red Salad Bowl
Bok choy: Purple Choy, Red Choy, Joy Choy Tiny
Broccoli: Umpqua Cabbage: Parel
Beets: Touchstone Gold (Fedco or Parks Seeds) (the best orange/gold beet).
Carrot: Rainbow, Sugarsnax
Cutting celery: Parcel, Kintsai (Kitazawa)
Swiss chard: Bright Lights
Cilantro: Calypso
Collard: Flash
Dill: Fernleaf
Endive: Glory
Leek: King Richard
Parsley: Giant of Italy
Sugar peas: Cascadia
Radish: Saxa 2 (Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds)
Spinach: Carmel, Space
Turnip: Hakurei, Hinona Kabu (Kitazawa Seeds)

Are you planing on growing a vegetable that isn't on the list? Tell us about it! And be sure to contact Houston area Laird Landscaping at 281-578-2795 for information and assistance with adding a fresh vegetable garden to your very own backyard.

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