Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Adding Beautiful Potted Plants To Landscaping

Thoughtfully chosen decorative pots can add a unique finish to any landscaped yard, patio, or indoor area. Their varying sizes, textures, and finishes create eye catching focal points. Grouped strategically, potted plants can add pops of color while creating an ambient theme.

Potted plants can be an integral part of the landscape, especially when it brings out elements of design in a home or hardscaping. Ornate terracotta pots can bring out features in driveway pavers, while colorfully glazed pots can showcase a home's accent color.

Another great aspect of planters is that they are mobile. Pots can be easy to move with if you live in a rental and don't want to leave your greenery behind. Maybe you've developed sentimental feelings for the fern you've kept alive since college. Take your old friend from place to place with you. If you live in an apartment, especially one above the first floor, planters are detrimental to bringing the outdoors right outside your door.

Planters also help keep aggressive plants and herbs, such as mint, contained. While useful and beautiful, some flora can overtake an area rather quickly, drowning out other plants.

Did you know that...
  • Potted plants clean indoor air by absorbing toxins from the environment? 
  • Indoor plants can create a cooling effect in the home or office?
  • Plants filter out dust and debris?
  • Plants can remove dioxide and monoxide, replacing it with oxygen? 
  • The presence of live potted plants in an office help reduce fatigue, stress, dry throats, headaches, coughs, and dry skin among workers? 
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